Sheepfat bonbons for dogs - broad spectrum - White label

Sheep fat bonbons with CBD: a unique CBD product that cannot be missed in a CBD/pet shop. Dog owners will be positively surprised about the properties of this high-quality sheep fat bonbon enriched with CBD and salmon oil. The bonbons are fully developed for dogs. With a special composition of ingredients, they are an exceptionally healthy and tasteful addition to the dog's daily diet. For example, they are rich in omega 3 and 6 and vitamins A and D. Each bag contains 70 bonbons, each containing 5 mg of CBD. In addition to CBD the sheep fat bonbons also contains other cannabinoids such as CBG (Cannabigerol), CBDV (Cannabidivarin) and CBC (Cannabichromene) for a maximum entourage effect. The bonbons 100% free from THC. The bonbons for dogs are of course 100% natural and therefore free of any unwanted addition.

Each bag contains a batch number that corresponds to the CoA of the relevant batch. This way you know exactly what the exact composition of each CBD sheep fat bonbon is.

Prices already start at € 5.00 each!

Product Information

Additional information

Number of grams per bag


Number of pieces per bag


Number of milligrams of CBD

5 mg each, 300 mg per bag

Heated / decarboxed


Available in full spectrum


Available in broad spectrum


THC percentage


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