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With the passion to develop save, effective and innovative CBD products at competitive prices, Nature Cure has been founded by an experienced team in the Netherlands in 2017. A combination knowledge and high-quality standards throughout the entire value chain distinguish this fast-growing CBD company as reliable and efficient business partner.

Nowadays, Nature Cure produces the most innovative and high-quality CBD, CBN & CBG products which are offered with our own Retail Brand, White Label and Private Label. Over 500 brands around the world profit from our broad product line with different categories such us Personal Care, Edibles and Sports to improve final customers lives.

With our Research & Development department we can offer our customers personalized compositions and flexibility on their demands. As part of our rigorous quality control policy, a 3rd party laboratory analysis is conducted for each batch of product to insure its high-quality level. Our main goal is to assist our clients as an ally and counsellor in their processes to become successful brands.

Products and services

White Label (own label)
Wholesale & Bulk
Nature Cure Retail products
Private Label & Custom Formulations
(personalized composition)

Nature Cure is a Dutch premium brand, specialized in developing, producing and distributing high quality
CBD, CBN and CBG products for Retail, White Label, Private Label and Custom Formulations


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our mission

By the hand of the last technology and the most pure extracts at Nature Cure we work every day with the mission to develop, produce and deliver high quality, innovative and effective cannabinoids products to:

  • Improve the quality of life of our customers
  • Help the establishment and growth of the brands we supply to, contributing as an ally and counsellor in their processes to become successful brands.

our vision

By 2025 Nature Cure aims to be positioned among the top 3 producers of cannabinoids products in Europe with high focus and leadership on product development for:

  • White Label
  • No Label
  • Custom Formulations
  • Retail Nature Cure.


Brands developed 
with our products


Countries selling 
our products




New products


Nature Cure is a fast growth organization with customers in more
than 17 countries.


We develop new high-quality products on a daily basis. Thanks to this way of working, we can deliver any desired product in any quantity and strength according to the highest requirements.

Since 2018 we offer full service White/Private Label with our own production line in the Netherlands. We are able to support our customers with tasks such as packing design and printing. We are always there to help with the establishment & growth of the brands we supply, contributing as an ally and counsellor in their processes to become successful brands.

We are intensively involved in every aspect of the company on a daily basis. We strive for quick, personal and permanent contact with our customers with the objective to know your company and wishes well.

At Nature Cure you can have your complete line of products ready within a few weeks. Our products are of the highest quality and at the best prices. It does not matter what stage your company is in and how big or small your orders are, we are there for everyone.


Meet the Team

At our company, we are incredibly proud of our amazing team. Each member brings their unique skills, expertise and personality and together we achieve amazing things.
juana nature cure juana nature cure employee


Marketing & Communication
Brings our brand to life with creativity and strategy


The captain leading the company to great success
ceo nature cure john
sales roy nature cure


Builds trust with customers and ensures successful collaborations

nature cure accountmanager


Aims to provide the best possible service to our customers


Office Manager
Is the hub of the organisation and keeps everything running

michelle nature cure
nature cure marc production


Lab & Production
The craftsman who ensures that each product is made with care

igor nature cure production


Lab & Production
attention to detail and commitment to quality


The passion and skill is evident in every product he create

youri nature cure production
isabel nature cure


attention to detail and organization ensure a smooth production process


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nature cure building front page website

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Nature Cure is a company that is dedicated to providing the highest quality cannabinoids products to its customers. Our team consists of specialists who are knowledgeable about the latest developments in the field of cannabinoids. We are committed to staying up-to-date with the latest research and advancements so that we can offer the best possible products on the market. Whether you're looking for CBD oil, capsules, or other cannabinoids products, you can trust Nature Cure to provide you with products that are safe, effective, and of the highest quality.
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