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After CBD oil, people are increasingly discovering the benefits of CBG oil. Especially now that we have made CBG oil affordable for everyone. CBG is known for enhancing the effect of CBD and THC, among other things.

Purified CBG oil: we have 2 varieties of CBG purified oil available: Broad Spectrum and Full Spectrum.

Both versions has been purified. This makes the oil much softer in taste and very clear in color. You can compare this oil in terms of clarity and taste with our purified CBD oil. It contains like the CBG RAW more cannabinoids, but no chlorophyll and less terpenes. This oil contains standard <0.2% THC.


With White Label service we can can print labels and oil resistand boxes with your own brand design. Then we will ship the products to you ready to be placed in the shelves of your store.
In case you want boxes and/or labels you will receive templates for designing from us. Request our catalog to see prices and MOQ's.

*We supply all the standard oils in brown UV-protecting 10 ml bottles with black pipettes.

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