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Nature Cure water soluble CBD is not yet known to everyone, but that will soon change. The bioavailability of water-soluble CBD liquid is about 4 times higher than with traditional CBD oil. A 5% drop of our water-soluble CBD therefore gives about the same effect as a 20% drop of the traditional CBD oil. In addition to its high effectiveness, our water soluble CBD is also absorbed faster than traditional CBD oil. The effect can therefore be noticeable a lot faster. Another positive property, as the name of the product already reveals, is that it is a liquid that can be dissolved very easily in water. This allows it to be added to many hot and cold drinks and food instead of dripping under the tongue. This is because the liquid dissolves almost immediately after adding to any drink.

Nature Cure water-soluble CBD is available as a 5% and 10% variant.

The features of this products are:
- Very good price / quality ratio
- Very high absorption (bioavailability)
- Mild taste
- Easy dosing by means of handy pressure pump
- Can be mixed with almost any hot and cold liquid
- 500 mg full spectrum CBD (5%), 1000 mg full spectrum CBD (10%)
- 70 pumps per bottle

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All our products contains a batch number that corresponds to the CoA of the relevant batch. This way you know exactly what the exact composition of the current batch is.



Rich color,
Mild taste.

Product Information

Additional information

Standard carrier






Available in full spectrum


Available in broad spectrum





0% to a maximum of 0.2%




Very pure, free from chlorophyll and fats

Contains terpenes


Standard flavor


MOQ no label

25 pieces

MOQ white label

50 pieces

MOQ private label

100 pieces

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